For the past eleven years Anne has been living and working as an artist onboard a ship. Her vessel is now moored on the River Thames at Hermitage Moorings downstream from Tower Bridge, London, 51.5056° N, 0.0756° W.

In September 2012 she began a practice led PhD at the University of the Arts London, based at Chelsea. Her research interests are in gendered narratives, personal, political and historical implicit in living and working as an artist on board a ship.

Lydiat’s ink drawings on watercolour paper are made on board the ship by suspending a pen from the roof of the hold, thus locating her and her art practice in time and place.  The drawings signify moments of presence now lost, ie the fleeting, transient rolling of the ship in relation to the wind and the rise and fall of the tides.

Whilst aboard The Lady Avenel, Lydiat will make a set of similar ink drawings, sound recordings, and using a ‘sounding’ line, will record the various depths and chart the locations of the ship throughout the voyage. She is particularly interested in ‘the offing’ (the space between the shore and the horizon). This links her research to the voyage of The Marques led by Richard de Marco and the favourite saying of the artist Joseph Beuys:  ‘New beginnings are in the offing’ (1981).


Selected Biography

Anne Lydiat studied BA Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University (1978/81) and MA Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University (1981/82). She was awarded a Henry Moore Fellowship at Birmingham Polytechnic (1985-87) and has taught Fine Art in various art schools in the UK. In 1992 she was appointed Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University until 2002, working at MA and PhD level, and as Acting Course Leader. In 2008-2010 she was appointed Senior Adviser Research and Publications at Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHIB) and in 2010-2011 she became Research Consultant at Columbia College, Chicago, USA.

Her solo exhibitions include Psychogeographical Traces(performing the city drawings). Tourism & Performance Conference. Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, (2005): Permission to Speak (Installation) Freud Museum, Maresfield Gardens. London (2002): One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Summervideo installation, External Projection at Site Gallery. Sheffield (2002).

Her recent group exhibitions include: Recalculating. ‘Time and Tide’ (drawings and Sounding Line). CCW. Chelsea Triangle Space.. London Langford120 welcomes 2013. 7 Arctic Pebbles/And 7 tides’, (Drawings), Langford120 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. (2013): filling in the blanks (an event, investigating how one could perform the blank book: reading ‘lost for words…’ (1999) at X Marks the Bokship. London. (2012): International Art and Science Exhibition. ‘Time and Tide’,  (Drawings), National Museum of Science and Technology, Beijing, China. (2012): Timepieces, ‘Time and Tide’ (Drawings), Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster. (2011): space(river)between ’Rising Tides’ (Drawings) International Gallery, Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool. (2010): Specula: Drawing Time. ‘Performing the City’ a Global Centre for Drawing Project shown at: RMIT Melbourne, Australia; Drawing Space, Dubai and Drawing Space, Hong Kong. (2010). ‘Return Flight in ‘An Orchestra of Strings’ The Crypt Gallery, Euston Road, London. (2010): ‘Between Time and Space’, Fly by Night (Video installation), Heijo Palace, Nara. Japan: ‘The Moons of Higashiyama’, Moon Moth’ (Installation). Night Garden Art Project, Kodai ji Temple, Kyoto, Japan (2008): ‘Atmosphere’ ‘Moon Moth’  (installation) Ginza Art Lab. Tokyo. Japan and Heterotopia (dvd, Purcell Rooms, Southbank. London, (2009).

Publications include ‘A Place to dream’ essay in TROUBLED WATERS catalogue. Taipei. Taiwan. ‘I wonder where you are?’ in Expedition. Bright 9. pub.CCW, University of the Arts London, (2012) and ‘Casuistry’ (a text and drawings) in Pilgrimage. Confluens 1, Fine Art Research at Middlesex University. Issue Editor, Nicky Coutts.

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