Angus Carlyle is a researcher at CRiSAP at the University of the Arts, London. He is curious about how we understand our environments through sound and through our other senses. He edited the book Autumn Leaves in 2007 and co-wrote In The Field in 2013. His creative practice focuses on the exploration of small parcels of land and the sky above them, such as the Lower Lea Valley in 51° 32 ‘ 6.954” N / 0° 00 ‘ 47.0808” W (2008) and the Kami-Katsura district of Kyoto in Some Memories of Bamboo (2009). In Viso Come Territorio / Face As Territory (2012) he collaborated with 7 photographers in the vicinity of a Southern Italian hillside village and is now producing a film in the same area. Working with anthropologist Rupert Cox and scientist Kozo Hiramatsu, he produced Air Pressure (2012), a portrait of the lives of the last farming family living in the middle of Narita airport.

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