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What Has To Be Done brings together a group of individuals from a wide range of disciplines, professions and organisations with a clear commitment to strategically profile a concern for our environment in relation to arts education curriculum and policy.
Its starting point is a journey around the Western Isles of Scotland on the tall ship the Lady of Avenel in Summer 2013. The expedition will provide the basis for dialogue and exchange that will lead to a strong network of interest and commitment to embedding environmental issues in the various teaching, learning and professional environments of those participants involved. An expedition also provides a unique opportunity for promoting a cross disciplinary dialogue and for exploring individual creative interests in a most stunning and inspiring part of the world on an equally inspiring vessel The Lady of Avenel.

The ship's (b)log

What Has To Be Done is a project that begins with a journey on the Lady of Avenel.

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Getting Ready

Getting Ready

In the weeks coming up we will al be preparing…